A few weeks ago, I got to headline a show at The Tank in NYC. It was the opening event for The Principles Project Conference that weekend. Sharing the stage with me was one of the most original acts I've seen in a while. His name is Chris Alonzo and he's really funny. See his show April 6. The Tank NYC

Chris was actually nice enough to say nice things about me in his blog. Awww what a good fella.

Next time I'm in the Rotten Apple, I'll try to get Chris on the record for a podcast interview. Yeah, that would be the hotness.

But seriously, the show is called "Baby Elephants in the River Nile" and is described as...

A lunatic’s-eye view of electoral politics, BABY ELEPHANTS IN THE RIVER NILE examines the elections of 2000 and 2004 and the ways in which they were influenced by Egyptian Gods, the author’s cat, and George W. Bush’s desire to blow up the moon. History spins on its head, reality comes unglued, and no area of the political spectrum is safe from ridicule. This adventurous dark comedy monologue, featuring original music and puppetry, is the latest from author Chris Alonzo, hailed by NYTheatre.com as “a writer of uncommon genius.”

At the show a few weeks ago, he just did a 15 minute excerpt and launched into some of the most absurd and hilarious readings I'd seen in a while. There was an animatronic giraffe in the act, and it worked.

Unfortunately, I'll be helping my mom unpack in Tacoma, Washington on April 6, so make up for my absence, and see the show your damn self. I expect a report in triplicate.