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Funny Sundays: Detroit Councilwoman Conyers Gets "Schooled"

hat tip to Tim McIntire for sending me the first clip Yall, Detroit is off the chain. What is in the water out there?! I don't know if this is how normal city council meetings go down, but I hope not. This first clip is Detroit City Council Member Monica Conyers (wife of John Conyers) getting into it with the council president and calling him "Shrek" then having to answer for her behavior in front of schoolchildren.

The next clip is a strange interview with Charlie LeDuff of the Detroit News. He kind of clowns her and they re-enact the drama. Enjoy?

Why I Love YouTube - Damned Idiotic Users

Months ago, someone posted on one of my standup videos that I was a "dumbass libral crackhead welfare sucker." I loved that so much, I added it to my press kit. Now the ante has been raised. I just got this via YouTube email
Subject: sUP
You look hideous in your profile picture (very low and thin forehead (resulting in a very small cranial space which in turn results in a much smaller then average brain size and from the looks of it possible mental retardation) ape-face and a simian shelf jaw) perhaps this could explain all the hollering and dancing around like a retard- you dont even look human, sorry to tell you but someone was bound to say this. This is what you look like barantunde. Also, I should add, you have NO NECK. Couldnt amount to being more then a comic? SHIT
There are a lot of stupid people, and the Internet gives all of them the tools to express themselves. Also, dude misspelled my name.

Flashback: My First Message To My Yahoo Group Standup List (2002)

Today I got a notice from Yahoo Groups that someone was unsubscribing from my "baratunde-standup" list. I set this thing up in 2002 and last used it then. It was when I first started doing standup. I looked back to the very first message, and here's what I found:
Subject: Baratunde LIVE again??? Defying all conventional wisdom as well as environmental considerations, the good people at The Comedy Studio have invited me back after my performance of exactly one month ago. This is rather significant for me, considering that my last performance there was due only to my being in a comedy class. But not this time. This time, it's a REAL GIG. With REAL audience members. And REAL tomatoes. So why am I telling you this? Well, many of you owe me money and/or favors. Your presence at my show would go a long way toward forgiving some of this debt. Others of you just had the ill-considered fortune to leave your email addresses within my grasp. For those who saw the last show, I'll be doing SOME of the same material, but I'm mixing it up with a little something new. This Friday May 31 The Comedy Studio 3rd Floor of the Hong Kong Restaurant in Harvard Square 8pm cover between $7 - $10 based on level of body odour lata, \[email address removed] comedian / writer / tech-geek
For my Boston folks, I'll be returning the weekend of April 25th for a show at The Comedy Studio, where it all started six years ago.

Friday April 25th The Comedy Studio 1238 Mass Ave, 3rd Floor of the Hong Kong Harvard Square, Cambridge MA you should make reservations