I love the sadness of it all. I've been doing standup for four years, here in Boston, but I won't be doing the 2006 Boston Comedy Festival. I blew the deadline!

I missed the event last year due to I-don't-even-know-what. They had changed the event to much later in the year. This year, it wasn't even on me radar. Then, last Thursday night, as I'm preparing for the big Laughing Liberally show at Jimmy Tingle's Theatre, I caught a screenfull of Sean McCarthy's blog (and bigup to the Herald for running Wordpress!) saying that day was the deadline.

I thought I could rush it in and beg. I found a really good set of mine on DVD (from my April 7 Comedy Central audition -- they haven't called BTW), and found that the disc was bad! I finally got a good version last night, and whipped open iMovie to do a quick edit, but iMovie was mad at me or something -- lots of audio glitches. So, I manned up and faced my fear: Final Cut Pro.

I added a little title, upped the gamma (since the club lighting SUCKED on the DVD) and let it process overnight. This morning, I pumped that bad boy into iDVD and burned. Then it was off to work, where I skipped out early, RAN to the subway station, just making the train. I got off in Harvard Square where I RAN to the bus, barely making it. Over to Allston I rolled to hand-deliver the submission and beg for forgiveness. I didn't even know if the building would be open after 5pm, but it was!

Up the stairs I ran, down the all, and another hall, and another damn hall, knocked on the door. "Come in!" Yes, people were there!

In I went, looking sad and sweaty, "Hey it's probably too late, but I've been out of town so much recently and just found out about the deadline."

"Sorry. It's too late."


You'd think they would notify past participants of the submission dates coming up, send out a MySpace bulletin or something, but in the end, it was my own damned fault. Unlike the President, I take responsibility for my failures.

Hopefully, I'll get into the New York Underground Comedy Festival, which happens at the same time. In fact, I'm probably gonna submit to every comedy festival in the damn country over the next year.