So I was hanging out at the Coral Ridge Ministries website as I'm wont do do when they spam my email with their hate-based press releases

Example from today's blast responding to the overturning of Prop 8:

With courts turning traditional values into a form of ‘hate’ actionable under the law, we are seeing the criminalization of not only Christianity but of the foundational values of civilization itself.

See what I mean?

Anyway, I was hanging out at the devil's worksh-- I mean Coral Ridge Ministries website, and this banner ad caught my eye because it asked some very important questions.

1) Socialism. Is it biblical. To which I respond, "yeah, probably. Check out the Jesus parts."

2) Does it work? To which I respond, "maybe."

The ad links to which is full of amazing words, sounds and moving pictures which decry the clear and present danger that is socialism and how it's on the march and why all this is very very anti-God.

Meanwhile, I'm getting nervous that no one is noticing the real threat facing America: thalassocracy. Fucking Phoenicians are everywhere, and no one is safe. You hear me?? NO ONE IS SAFE!!