Building on yesterday's announcement of campaign t-shirts, the campaign of Delicatessen Foursquare Mayor Baratunde Thurston is holding a rally this Friday evening! It's a great chance to introduce people to the campaign, and more importantly, introduce people to Delicatessen. What better day than the internationally recognized grassroots movement known as Whiskey Friday?

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We will gather on the northwest corner of Lafayette & Prince in front of the Christian Audigier shop. Why there? We don't want to block traffic to Delicatessen or look like we're protesting it; the Audigier shop is currently closed; and plus they sell "luxury street wear" which is oxymoronic bollocks. 

Approximate timeline

  • 5pm: Assemble
  • 5:01-5:30: Rally, chant, be awesome until the cops make us move
  • 5:30-6:30: Whiskey Friday at Delicatessen with custom mayor drinks
  • 6:30 and beyond: do ya thang

Feel free to bring your own signs with slogans, and use our official campaign art.


For the past several weeks, Baratunde has been engaged in the political fight of his life to defend his mayorship against the challenge of his friend, jennifer Magnolfi. 

With just one week left in the campaign (ends August 14), Mayor Thurston and supporters will take their message to the people and to the streets. 

Vote Mayor Thurston, Cause Sometimes Change Is Overrated.