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Innovative Online Interactive "TV" Show Features Up-and-Coming Comedian and Author, Baratunde Thurston

ONLINE ­- On Saturday September 30th, 2006 at 1pm EDT (10am PDT, 5pm GMT) tune in to SMT TV(TM), an innovative online interactive TV show at www.sweetmother.org. SMT TV(TM) will be the first program to use new online tools that give Podcasters the ability to interact with online viewers via live video. SMT-TV™ features online video products from SMT Interactive, a new media company building tools to power the next generation of independent media.

On September 30th SMT TV™ will feature comedian, author, and self-described vigilante pundit Baratunde Thurston. Joining the ranks of Al Franken and Jon Stewart, Baratunde takes his audiences on a journey through the absurd world of American politics, media, and pop culture, having turned his astute political awareness into a rising career in sharp and entertaining comedy where nothing is sacred. As an author, Baratunde was featured in author series that included Cornell West and Howard Zinn, and as a performer has shared the club stage from LA to New York with Dane Cook, Tony V, and Gary Gulman and even became a political satire commentator on Boston’s Fox 25 News. Baratunde is not just an alternative to mainstream media, he’s an antidote.

Join award-winning musician, actor and public speaker Derrick N. Ashong (aka DNA) on Saturday, September 30th at 1pm EDT (10am PDT, 5pm GMT) as he hosts SMT TV(TM) featuring hilarious comic and author Baratunde Thurston.

In partnership with MidNet Inc. and Heart in Action Ent, SMT Interactive, a company pioneering the next generation of independent media, has held live virtual conferences connecting youth from across Africa, Europe, N. America and Latin America to world leaders such as renowned spiritualist and President of the Alliance for a New Humanity Deepak Chopra, Grammy-winning producer Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, former US Ambassador to Nigeria Walter Carrington, and former Clinton advisor John Prendergast. SMT Interactive has been a leader in leveraging high quality, affordable online video-telephony to bridge the digital divide.

For more information on being a guest on SMT TV(TM), hosting your own SMT-TV™ show, or on SMT Interactive contact Kelley Johnson at kelley@sweetmother.org, 617-492-3673. For outlets in Canada contact Ashie Hirji at ashie@heartinaction.com, 604-609-6188. For more information on Baratunde visit www.baratunde.com <http://www.baratunde.com> .