Update (Saturday 18:00 PT): I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY UNLOCKED MY JOINT! Oh this ups my geek ego a notch. Photos to come later 

I successfully avoided iPhone hype for many months. I have several beefs with the device, including its exclusive attachment to NSA Telecom (aka Deathstar Telecom (aka AT&T)). After using the iPod touch, I've softened on my hate and like the interface and smooth Mac syncing. I've often said I'd get an iPhone if it was free.

Lo and behold, on my visit (appropriately enough) to San Francisco, a co-worker dropper her iPhone out of her car, and it was subsequently run over by another car! And despite looking like it survived Fallujah, the damn thing works perfectly. I paid her a modest fee for the device and am now going about the business of liberating it from AT&T. Will let you know how it goes later.

Meanwhile, check out this video I made at the office featuring the phone, a temp and the original owner, Kim Bach Le.